CiCo Park Rec Centre
Spring 2007

This project is sited just off of the KSU campus and would serve as a city and county park recreation center, a strong formal structure. The cylinder of the lobby serves as an anchor for the entire building, as from this point one can see every space in the complex. The largest part of the structure is the barrel vaulted gym space, lit on both sides by large windows. An outdoor pool, partially covered with a mesh and steel structure, was required.

The pool is partially shaded with a combination of mesh, steel, and vegetation, allowing for pleasant swimming. The gymnasium space is the largest in the building, yet adequately lit by two large windows on either side. The largest window, to the North, is the entire height of the structure, and its view of the highway is hidden by a wall. The window to the South lets in light to the gym and service spaces in front of it. Perhaps the greatest feature of the building is the lobby. This multi-story volume lets in an ample amount of light, flooding into the bordering spaces.